Man Cave Magnetics storage

We all know it that there are problems with storage in our man cave’s.   Some of us just have a shed that we talk about finishing out some day but we all know that the first thing we need to do is to find a way to sensibly order all of this crap that is on the walls and all over the floor otherwise the man cave is just going to look like this with finished out walls.

Man Cave MagneticsMan Cave Magnetics

Put it up

Using magnetics to place stuff in all of those places up high on or near the ceiling is a great idea especially since you aren’t using all of that space anyway.   I am talking about things the size and weight of lawn mowers,   Edgers and other power large power tools tools.   I am not kidding here today’s neodymium bar magnets are so far ahead of what we had as kids for toys.  Something the sizeof your hand  can have a pull force of 600 lbs.


Stack it to the side placing things on you wall with magnets is a great placing a bar on the wall and nailing the magnets on the wall will allow you to place all of your blade type tools on the wall wrapping a small piece of metal on the handle of a broom will allow you to stack these items on the wall.

More Man Cave MagneticsMan Cave Magnetics

Wall mounted benches stake you work bench and place some hinge s on it so that it folds up and fasten it there with a large neodymium magnet.  It sounds far fetched for those of us that are used to the older ceramic magnets but these modern magnets have more than 10 x the holding power of yesteryear’s magnets.

Magnetic Band

Just a magnet or a band of metal magnets and jars is all that you will need.  In the old days you nailed the jar top to a piece of wood


The small stuff Jars

Small boxes

Magnetic strips for bladed tools

Keep in mind that these magnets are quite dangerous however.  I just went in the back here and picked up a magnet that has about a 600 lb pull force and walk within about 2 feet of another magnet about that strong and it picked it up off of the table and snapped my finger in between them.

Right now the jury is still out on whether or not the finger is broken or not but I am starting to get some of the feeling back into it.  I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing at this point.