Business Cards

Premium business card magnets are the same dimensions as standard business cards (3.5"X2") and are 20 - 30 mil thick. One side of the magnet has double-sided adhesive, and the other side is UV coated. UV coating adds a layer of glossy smooth material on the back of the magnets to protect the refrigerators finish. It also makes the magnets look clean and neat. 20mil is the perfect thickness for business card magnets-thick enough to not feel cheap but not so thick they feel clumsy. Each piece weighs only 0.3oz, so you can mail them to your customers all over the country. This makes it very economical to promote your business! The products are very easy to use. Just peel off the liner and stick your business card onto it for a professional looking magnetic business card. Backed by our premium magnets, your business cards will become precious refrigerator magnets and be seen by your customers daily!

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