Safety Guidelines

Please make sure that you follow the safety guidelines when handling the magnets, especially magnets of high grades or large sizes. As you probably already know, neodymium magnets are made of new materials and about eight times stronger than ceramic magnets. Precautions should be taken seriously to prevent personal injuries and property damages, including damages to the magnets.
  • You may wear a pair of gloves when you handle the magnets. This will significantly reduce the possibility of injuries to your hands.
  • Always handle the magnets one by one. Do not try to work with multiple magnets at the same time unless you are separating or putting them together. When you are putting magnets together, please make sure that you put enough cushion material between them, except in the case you are stacking them together on purpose. Make sure that you handle one piece at a time, when you have to work with multiple pieces.
  • When working with magnets, please keep at least a few feet from other magnetic material or items of the so-called soft magnetic characteristics, e.g., scissors, knives, screw drivers and other tools, iron cabinet. The larger the magnet, the further the distance; the stronger the magnet, the further the distance!
  • When separating one piece of magnets from another or a stack of magnets, please put the magnets on a durable table with the magnet to be separated hanging out of the edge of the table. Use one hand firmly holding the other magnets on the table, especially those closest to the magnet to be separated, and use the other hand holding the magnet firmly and pushing it all the way down until you cannot feel any attractions. Make sure that you keep a safe distance between the separated magnet in one hand and the remaining on the table.
  • If you are installing multiple magnets for a specific application, please make sure that each magnet is installed firmly before you move on to the next one.
  • Magnets are fun for children of all ages. However, please do not give the magnets to children if there is a possibility of choking. Always watch over your children when they play with the magnets, and make sure they follow our safety guidelines.